Plan the Perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot with the Experts

A romantic prelude to the wedding, Pre-Wedding Shoot (a.k.a Pre Shoot) is a recent addition to the wedding culture, and has now become a must-have element! They are not only beautiful and captivating enough to depict a couple’s own tale of true love, but they also take you to extraordinary locations that seem right out of a fairytale! Pre-wedding shoots remove you from the confinement of being restricted to only your ceremony photographs and these even help to bring about a balance of traditional and glamour in your albums. The perks of a pre-wedding shoot? Firstly, it eliminates the fear of cameras, which means you could be more comfortable at your Big Day and those camera nerves would be gone for good. Plus, it aids in bringing out the couple’s personalities much more than they could on their Wedding Ceremonies. They are also used on Save The Date cards and also can decorate your new home. On a side note, it is another way to celebrate the love between two individuals who share yet another phenomenal love story!

Time and again, couples want to add more fun and make their life-changing point much more special by opting for things that they think is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. With this in mind, we see a lot of creative couples wishing to experiment with not just one, but many appealing concepts that suit their taste. From customary to casual and simple to majestic, couples end up racking their brains unable to stick their mind to an ultimate choice of theme, clothes, location and props.

So, how do you exactly wrap your mind around the best choices to put together the perfect Pre-Wedding Shoot? We have some preeminent photographers sharing their expert opinions on this matter! Go ahead and try not to get lost in the pages!

How does one choose the most suitable concept or theme for their pre-shoot?

DIMTRI: The concept solely depends on the couple and their personal tastes/choices. I only advise them on how to make it a memorable and fun shoot depending on what they have already decided. It is always best to have the couple choose their own tale/story to tell at the pre-wedding shoot since it is, after all, their happily ever after.

GEESHAN: Before thinking of a theme, I recommend couples to start by selecting a location that holds some significance or meaning to them. For instance, where they first met.

What is the best time for a pre-shoot?                         

GEESHAN: This can depend on the location but the best times are usually just before or during sunrise and sunset. That being said, if the photographer knows the craft, he or she can make any location work at any time.

DHANUSH: If it’s an outdoor shoot, I recommend early morning or just before sunset.

 What sort of outfits would be suitable? And what colours would be best to wear?       

DIMITRI: If the shoot is on the beach, I would advise to go for a more casual and comfort wear. For e.g. flip-flops, short, pastel-shaded dresses, cotton or linen shorts, short-sleeved shirts, etc.

However, if you are opting for a glamorous shoot, I would say go all out! Bright shades, suit and tie! On a further note, I always counsel my clients to wear something they would be comfortable in.

GEESHAN: It is always best to avoid tight, uncomfortable clothing. Colours might depend on the location, but you can’t go wrong with whites!

 How does personality play a role in the Pre-Shoot?

 DHANUSH: We speak to the couple to try and figure out their likes and dislikes as well as incorporate their ideas into the pre-shoot in order to customize the shoot to blend with their personality. 

GEESHAN: The subject’s personality determines the results produced. The photographer’s goal is to depict their story through the captures.

How can celebrities (e.g., a cricketer) combine their passion into their photo shoot making it stand out?

 GEESHAN: We always try to encourage couples to combine their passion into the actual shoot, regardless of who they are. We approach all our shoots with the same commitment and creativity, celebrity or otherwise.

DIMTRI: From the many shoots I have done of such celebrities and personalities, I think their passion and their drive itself helps make the shot unique and stand out. Sometimes clients ask for a particular shot or pose and we do our best to accommodate and capture it the way they want. For me, these shoots are challenging and I love challenge!

What are the Dos and Don’ts of a Pre-Wedding Shoot?

GEESHAN: Do plan ahead and discuss with your photographer before doing a shoot. Don’t try to take pictures in a location that requires permission without a permit. Don’t jump into a pool with a full stomach. The rest is common sense.



·         Don’t have the pre-shoot at the last minute as the couple needs to be more relaxed.

·         Don’t have too many changes as it would make the signature frame look cluttered.

·         Don’t forget to have a makeup artist to help with touch-ups.


·         Share your likes and dislikes with your photographer to make the photo-shoot more personalized.

·         Pick a time to shoot when you are most comfortable and relaxed.

·         Choose locations which would best show who you are as a couple.

What makes a great Pre-Wedding Shoot?   

DHANUSH: Every couples’ personality is unique, hence every shoot will be different. 

DIMTRI: I would say the location plays a big role in how the shoot unravels itself.  You can always make it your own unique tale by adding personal touches to it – a special dress, suit or accessories that your fiancé/fiancée may have given you or a special picture/ornament that you both hold dear.

For me though, every pre-wedding shoot I do is special and unique merely because it is a story of two individuals coming together as one. And we all know – no individual or couple is the same! 

GEESHAN: Great is subjective. Beyond being technically sound, what’s great for the photographer might not be so for the client. It’s important to go in with a clear idea and set expectations of what you want out of it. Great could be simply breaking the ice and getting comfortable being in front of a lens. It could also be having a selection of memorable, artistic images that you’d be proud to hang on a wall. 


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