Haseena Rameez on Her Secret to Sweet Success!

Amidst the roaring storm of talented bakers who rule Instagram today, Temptations the Cake Studio has carved out their own bunch of enthusiastic audience. From sharing mouth-watering cakes to designing aesthetically pleasing treats, Temptation the Cake Studio is now celebrated for their magnificent sugar flower bouquets that are lovingly crafted for the modern, unconventional brides who challenge traditional norms.

Haseena, the notable lady behind the brand, talks to us about how it all started and shares her thoughts on remaining rooted in the baking industry. Read on to uncover her story!

You have created quite a stir with your passion for edible art. We are dying to know how all this started. Please tell us a little about your humble beginnings.

Scrolling back in time, I remember looking up to my father’s cooking always. My dad was always a food enthusiast and he travelled often. After exploring many cultures and their dishes, he experimented fusing global cuisines with local ones by creating his own unique tastes. Growing up watching his experiments in the kitchen revealed how cooking can be beyond what we perceive.

With time, my interest transitioned from cookery to cakery. I drew inspiration and learnt the art of baking under the expertise of Yvonne Fernando – my very first master who empowered me to take a step towards a myriad of opportunities. I’ve also experimented baking since the age of 14 with the most basic utensils.

I must add that my family has been my initial audience – appreciating my work and being fond of everything I baked. Being a stay-at-home wife, I found some free time to myself and decided to utilise it productively. What started as a hobby is now fully grown into Temptations the Cake Studio!

We know you are a noted name in the baking industry. You have been awarded for your commendable work as well. Please tell us a little about your achievements.

I was named the Best Sugar Flower Artist in 2019 & 2020 at the Sri Lankan Cake Awards, hosted by the Finest Bakes Institute. I also was honoured as the Best Cake Artist in 2019 at the same platform. Additionally, I was presented with a Gold Medal by the Academy of Cake Artistry in 2019. Looking back in time, I was awarded the third place for Dessert Gateau at Food Fiesta in 1997, hosted by the Continental School of Cookery. Likewise, I’m glad to say that I’m a part of the Home Bakers Association Sri Lanka as their Secretary.

We see the wedding market booming with many aspiring new entrants. What do you have to say about your entry in to this fast-evolving industry?

Traditional bouquets have indeed been an integral part of the bridal ensemble. However, some of today’s brides wish to keep up with the recent trends and stand out by incorporating unique elements to their wedding.

It’s a known fact that most of our inspirations are drawn from our surrounding environment. Similarly, I was inspired to take a step in to the bridal market after my daughter’s wedding. That’s when it hit me that sugar flower bouquets could be the next big thing in the bridal world!

Tell us a little about your sugar flower bouquets!

Well, a sugar flower bouquet is for the bride who seeks a touch of difference and wishes to explore new avenues of beauty and elegance. As it’s made out of sugar paste, these flowers require extra attention and care. Sugar flowers are fragile in comparison to the natural flower bouquets. I also add foliage to ensure the flowers stay intact and protected from any damages. Sugar flowers can be preserved for up to 3-6 months, depending on the weather conditions and temperature. Some of the blooms I create for the bouquets are chrysanthemums, waratahs and cotton flowers.

How would you describe your relationship with the brides who approach you for their wedding day requirements?

My brides have always given me the creative freedom to work on their dream cakes. They place faith in the process and that acts as my strength and fuels my determination to exceed their expectations.

What does your passion mean to you?

My passion for baking has always pushed me towards delivering the best results. It has given me the motivation to work hard and has constantly inspired me to keep elevating to the next level. My cakes exhibit my love for baking and they are a reflection of how much I love what I do.

Generally, passion is a quality I admire in many women. As long as the fire is within, we can face the unseen.

My passion has paved the path towards entrepreneurship for me. And, this has molded me into the person I am today. Learning the craft over the years has taught me that consistency and attention to detail will sculpt your own audience.

What are some of your most sought-after wedding cakes?

Ribbon cakes, coffee cakes and chocolate cakes.

Which is your best-selling treat?

I think my chocolate cake tops the list! The output always differs according to client requirements. Nevertheless, it usually ranges from a muddy, fudge cake to a basic one.

We see many aspiring bakers reigning our sweet cravings. What makes you stand out from the rest?

I think it’s the fact that I’m ever-learning and trying to repeatedly explore fresh techniques. I love experimenting new things when it comes to my passion for baking. And, I believe my cakes portray my unique approach to meeting client requirements. I attempt to keep my cakes contemporary – be it the style or the taste. I firmly believe in under-promising and over-delivering which has been a major factor for the growing customer loyalty throughout the years.

How would you describe your signature style?

I don’t have a specific signature style. My style has transcended from time to time as I have tried to keep up with trends. However, a handful of clients still insist on opting for a classical take. I strongly believe in consistency in the matter of quality.

Would you like to give us a peek in to your future plans?

I always take one thing at a time. Currently, I’m focusing only on the cakes and sugar flowers. In the context of future plans, I aim to share the knowledge I acquired with the upcoming generation while I support the Home Bakers’ Association for their future projects.



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