25 Essentials for Your Wedding Registry

The excitement of your engagement subdues and then hits the fever of your wedding preparations! Oh, my! The hassle to decide on every little detail of it. Attire, invitations, venue and so on… Wait! Let’s not forget what holds more significance. It’s the things that come after all the occasions and fun – Your life after marriage! Marriage is not only a lifetime bond of two souls but also the point you build a home together with your life partner and nourish it with love and care for the years that will continue into infinity. A fresh beginning needs a home with all things new! So how can you forget to draw out your wedding registry? 

Not knowing where to begin may lead you to confusion when you are thrown a heap of items that can make it to your registry. And as impulses tug your insides, you’d want to pick things you might not even need. So how do you know what’s the most vital items to start your home – the palace of your love and forever? No worries! Here we list out the most basic essentials you and your partner need to tick off from your checklist. After all, a home is not a home without the most necessary things to make it our most loved and comfortable space. But, hey! Don’t start a rift with your partner now. This is for both of you!

For Your Kitchen

Coffee Maker

Rice Cooker


Cookware (Pots & Pans)

Bakeware (Cake Stand, Cake Decorating Kit and Measuring Cups)

Barbeque Set

For Your Formal Dining Sessions

Serving Utensils (Dinner Plates, Salad Plates/Dessert Plates, Soup Bowls, China Cups and Suacers & Platters)

Casual Drinking Glasses

Wine Glasses (White & Red)

Shot Glasses

Champagne Flutes

Ice Bucket 

For Your Cozy Bedroom

Pillows & Pillow Cases

Mattresses & Mattress Covers

Sheets & Comforter

For Your Housekeeping Needs

Vacuum Cleaner 

Iron Board

Dust Pan

Furniture & Decor

Coffee Table



Vases, Frames & Wall Art


Digital Camera 

Wine Fridge

Hanging Chair

Quick Guide for Planning Your Registry

Having a wedding registry may still be an uncomfortable approach to some of the couples still left out behind in time, but the couples who have been keeping up with time would undoubtedly agree that planning out a wedding registry is as important as preparing for any other significant detail of their weddings. Here are a few etiquettes to help you stay on the right track when drawing out your essential picks!

When to start? Well, there is no harm in starting to list out your favourites as soon as you’re engaged as this will help your guests plan on what they should gift you and also act as a great support if they wish to present you something on your pre-wedding occasions.

Remember to list down items that you are more likely to use and would need every day or on special occasions.

Pick out your list of essentials in a wide price range so that it suits the budget of all your guests and they may pick out any number of inexpensive items than join hands with another to buy something too expensive. 

Keep your list updated so that guests don’t end up buying you the same gifts. You wouldn’t want a dozen hundred porcelain cutlery unless you are planning on throwing large feasts daily, would you?

What more? You certainly cannot shove up the list on all your guests’ face! And that’s exactly the reason it is not acceptable to insert the list on all your invitations once they are sent out to guests. No one would want to feel like they are being invited only if they could tick off items from the list. What’s more appropriate is to hit them up with a digital card disclosing the list or sending the link to your wedding registry.

Make sure your list is accessible in all possible ways as many prefer to shop online but the rest still prefer to visit the store to make their gift-buying process more personal.

Keep an eye out for the benefits the stores have to offer you such as discounts and offers on items that have not been ticked off the list.

Choosing 2-4 spots would provide your guests with more choices and also take away your trouble to keep updating your list as well. To make it hassle-free, it would be best to choose one spot for bedding, another for kitchen equipment and so on.

And lastly – make sure you do it together! The two of you would be sharing your home which would require both of you to plan every nook and corner of it together. Discuss how you would want to style, organise and decorate your home and to ease the process divide categories, for instance, where you get to choose items for the kitchen and living room while your significant other gets to decide what’s necessary for the bedroom and so on.


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