WORX Co-Working Unveils Its 4th Property in Colombo

In response to the growing demand for flexible workspaces, WORX Coworking proudly  announces the inauguration of its latest coworking facility situated at No. 14 Gower  Street, Colombo 05. As a frontrunner in providing innovative workspace solutions,  WORX Coworking continues to redefine the professional landscape by expanding its  footprint in the city.  

Strategically situated in a convenient Colombo neighbourhood, the Gower Street  location marks WORX Coworking's 4th property, reflecting its commitment to catering to  the diverse needs of professionals in Sri Lanka. The state-of-the-art facility is  strategically positioned to meet the demands of a dynamic workforce seeking flexible,  inspiring environments.  

Director of WORX Coworking, Azahn Munas expressed excitement about the Gower  Street location stating, "Our commitment goes beyond providing workspaces; it's about  cultivating a hub for creativity, innovation, and meaningful connections. Whether you're  a photographer, content creator, or a digital nomad, WORX Gower Street offers an  unparalleled environment to elevate your work."  

The sleek and modern design of WORX Gower Street, serves as an inspiring backdrop  for a variety of creative endeavours. The facility includes a mix of private offices,  executive suites, a 12-seater boardroom, kitchen space, large indoor communal spaces  and outdoor garden spaces as well as onsite and reserved street parking. A standout  feature is the 12-seater boardroom, equipped with cutting-edge technology for seamless  communication and collaboration.  

Azahn Munas highlighted the overwhelming popularity of WORX Coworking spaces,  stating, “All our spaces are 100% occupied, with a 6-month waitlist! The Gower Street  location even sold out before launch, featuring a new concept, executive suites, tailored  for CEOs and senior management, which garnered immense popularity."  

Maintaining a hospitality-driven vibe, WORX Coworking aims to differentiate itself by  transforming the colonial charm of the Gower Street property into an inviting workspace.  Azahn emphasised, "We don't like our spaces to feel corporate or like a typical  commercial office space; instead, we create intimate locations with a sense of  hospitality and a leisurely vibe. The Gower Street space is adorned with more art and  creative works, providing an ideal backdrop for photo shoots." 

WORX Coworking has consistently led in redefining workspace solutions. The Gower  Street location, with its strategic location, premium amenities, and contemporary design,  is poised to become a sought-after destination for individuals and businesses seeking a  distinctive and inspiring workspace and photoshoot location.  

With unique versatility and adaptability, WORX Coworking has quickly become a  favourite among photographers, couples, and brands looking for the perfect backdrop to  their stories or to create compelling visual narratives. The organization focuses on  workspaces that don’t just provide desks and chairs but inspiring workplaces that are  lively, engaging and vibrant, making it one of Colombo’s most sought-after destinations  for both wedding pre-shoots and branded photoshoots.  

With a focus on creating communities and facilitating connections, WORX Coworking  remains dedicated to supporting local startups and enterprises. The new Gower Street  location is set to foster collaboration, innovation, and growth in Colombo's dynamic  business landscape. 

For more information and inquiries, please contact WORX Coworking at +94 117 235 232 or email  

About WORX Coworking:  

WORX Coworking is a leading provider of flexible workspace solutions, offering  coworking spaces, private offices, meeting rooms, and virtual office services. Committed  to fostering collaboration and innovation, WORX Coworking creates dynamic  environments for professionals to thrive. With 100% private office occupancy across all  4 Colombo locations, WORX Coworking continues its expansion, planning to open a 5th  location in the future. 



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