Qatar Is Ready To Host The 9th Annual Destination Wedding Planners Congress

The two most opulent entities are joining forces this March from 14th-16th resulting in the spectacular form of the 9th Annual DWP Congress 2023!

After hosting the FIFA World Cup 2022, Qatar has earned a spot as one of the most opulent destinations in the globe attracting people from the far East to the West. Now the magic has spread among couples who are sourcing their wedding destination to tie the knot in 2023 and are strongly eying Qatar as it is renowned as an opulent wedding destination with a rich cultural heritage.

The only event of its kind in the world that brings together the world’s most sought-after destination wedding planners under one roof, The 9th Annual of Destination Wedding Planners Congress – DWP organized by QnA International, is taking place in association with Visit Qatar and Qatar Airways along with other local and international partners.

Echoing similar sentiments as the destination appeals, the theme of this year’s Congress is “Opulent Extravaganza” with an aim to showcase the best of what Qatar can offer as a luxury wedding destination to couples and suppliers. After having successful annuals in Greece, Dubai, Mexico, Florence, Thailand, Mauritius, and Bali, the wedding community is excited to explore this exotic destination which is the epitome of luxury in every sense.

“Qatar is an amazing country that brings together old-world hospitality with modern and refined sophistication. It is a combination of Middle Eastern Culture with modernistic and futuristic vibes.  Doha, the capital city boasts a stunning skyline of modern architecture with first-class global brands in hotels, resorts, etc. With its quaint seaside resorts to five-star hotel ballrooms that are uber luxurious to desert adventures, museums, shopping malls, and world-class dining,  there is something for everyone. The best thing is it is easy to obtain a visa which makes it also a very attractive country to host your wedding.” Adds top US-Planner Nikki Khan, Founder of Exquisite Events. 

The gulf city of Doha has long drawn the world’s elite with its attractive fusion of Middle Eastern tradition and contemporary architecture. And the 5-star properties present just enhance its impeccable shine. “Qatar has a high-end luxury service, the same as high-end luxury hotels. Plus, there is the availability of supply of all the materials needed, and they have a very professional governmental service like customs. Moreover, Qatar has visa facilities for most nationalities that make an easy entry for the wedding guests, and they have one of the best reputable airlines in the world.” Share a renowned wedding designer from Lebanon- Walid Baz, Founder of Baz Events.

“I believe Qatar is fast becoming a destination that exudes opulence, and luxury, it’s definitely an aspirational destination in the world at the moment, the World Cup was an incredible way to showcase the unique culture and offerings in the country.” Adds Precious Thamaga Mazibuko, Founder, Precious Celebrations from South Africa.

The pandemic has drastically changed the entire landscape of luxury and what it means to couples who are planning their wedding in 2023. Commenting on the changing definition of luxury in recent times, Preston Bailey, an industry leader from the USA shares- “I believe that all luxury market has one thing in common. Because it’s such a savvy market, they are looking for something never seen before. Before they were willing to spend hundreds of thousands, now, they are open to spending millions.”

Nigeria-based top wedding planner Funke Bucknor, Founder, Zapphaire adds- “Luxury is becoming more personalized, it’s about people getting what they want when they want, it’s about the details, the elegance in simplicity. The experiences for their guests and themselves.” 


2023 wedding trends are all about re-inventing the wedding to have a personalized experience for everybody. Speaking about the current trends in destination weddings, Majeda Bisharat, a prominent planner based out of Jordan, tells- “Couples will focus more on giving a unique, personalized and immersive door-to-door experience to their guests. Personal concierge for all the guests. Securing exclusive and unusual wedding venues. Incorporation of local culture and traditions into the wedding ceremony and party. Go big or go home! A lot of colorful weddings with emphasis on florals, structures and statement backdrops. Technological enhancements to improve the guest experience. And customer delight will overtake customer satisfaction.”

“Couples are looking for venues that are never seen before, new scenaries, and outstanding decors. And Qatar matches this description. The highend venues, fantastic weather and the perfect match of landscape and modernity.” Aptly puts one of the leading wedding planners from Brazil- Roberto Cohen, CEO of Cohen Cerimonial.

Adding to it UK-based planner Bruce Russell says- “The highest spending clients don’t book a year out, the window is more like 3-6 months. Couples also want locations that their friends have not been married at before, so new and unique locations/destinations are hugely popular.” 

Highlighting the importance of the DWP Congress in uniting the industry, Sharon Sacks, a celebrity wedding planner from the USA comments- “I am excited to experience Qatar’s world-renowned hospitality, visit their extraordinary hotel properties, meet new vendors, and reconnect with old friends.  DWP Congress delivers a unique educational experience as well as outstanding events, I am sure that the Qatar congress will be an exceptional week. I truly cherish my association with DWP Congress. I am filled with gratitude to be a part of the experience.  DWP has provided an opportunity for the Sacks Productions team to share their wealth of experiences during keynotes and again at this year’s Master Class. In my opinion, DWP Congress is one of the finest international conferences I have attended.” 

“First of all as an Advisory Board Member, I feel blessed as I consider DWP as a family and it means a lot to me to be part of this one. Then it’s of course a recognition of many years of involvement in the industry so I simply feel proud and I definitely let the world know. It takes 20 years to be recognized in one night.” Shares Fabrice Orlando, an esteemed planner based in Morocco.

Nadia Duran, a stellar planner based out of Australia is looking forward to “Connecting to the people and sharing my knowledge, skills and experiences with other passionate people within our industry. I also love hearing from other keynote speakers and using this additional knowledge to continue challenging my perception of the industry and striving me to go further with each destination wedding.”


“As ever The Ritz-Carlton, Doha is honored to be involved with such an illustrious event, known for pushing boundaries and showcasing innovation within the industry. Its global reach is highly impressive and gives participants a unique forum to connect, collaborate and evolve with like-minded professionals.” Shares Vusal Ismayilov, Director of Sales & Marketing, The Ritz-Carlton, Doha, our official Gala Venue partner.

“It is an honor to be part of the 9th annual DWP congress, an event that gathers top wedding planners, and well-known figures in the industry. It is a chance for us all to meet and discover every professional’s unique talent. As DWP’s stationary partner, we are proud to represent our country, artists, designers, and techniques, while sharing our expertise with a wider market.” Highlights Lina Nahhal Naja & Abdulrahman Nahhal from Nahhal Printing Group, Lebanon, our Stationery Partner.

Mr. Ackash Jain, Director, QnA International, organizers of the DWP Congress comments- “Qatar is one of the most fascinating countries in the world to tie the knot with its majestic palatial resorts and striking oceanic backdrops. Combining old-world hospitality with cosmopolitan sophistication seamlessly opens the door to planning some of the most opulent celebrations. We are proud to bring the world’s biggest destination wedding congress to Qatar, which will be perfect timing right after the FIFA World Cup. With the support of Qatar Tourism, we look forward to showcasing the best of Qatar as a wedding destination to leading wedding experts from around the world.” 

We cannot wait to see the wedding industry coming together and experience a joyous celebration in the lap of luxury.


About DWP CONGRESS: The DWP Congress is widely renowned as the world’s biggest B2B platform for destination wedding planners, hoteliers, tourism boards and creative partners and wedding industry suppliers in the world and has made a strong mark in the industry since its inception in 2014. The Congress has been hosted in Greece, Mauritius, Florence, Thailand, Mexico, Dubai, and Bali annually, supported by their Tourism Boards respectively. For 2023, we are pleased to host up to 500 wedding connoisseurs, from more than 70 countries.

About QnA International:  QnA International creates and delivers business learning and development exchange platforms through B2B conferences, bespoke events, and training sessions. The company also has expertise in outsourced sponsorship sales and key account management.

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