The Team Bride – Prep Your Girls!

Selecting the Bridesmaids

Behind every bride there is a support system – a devoted team of family and friends who make sure their lead up to the big day goes without a hitch. Therefore, it is important to pick people you can count on to be there for you. Your wedding is about you – so do not hesitate to pick people who you truly love and value. After all, that’s what you need by your side at your wedding, apart from the groom, of course! So when choosing your retinue, some things you may want to consider may be:

· Are they grown adults, teenagers/small children or both?

· Should you include infants?

· Are they going to be curvy or slim and petite?

· Is the married friend/sister going to be a part?

· Is anyone going to be pregnant?

· Should the skin colour of your bridesmaids be the same?

· Short or long-haired? Or a mix?

· Are they taller or shorter than you?

 Bridesmaid Attire

Choosing the perfect bridesmaid dresses/sarees for your girls can be a tough decision – but it can also be a tonne of fun! While everyone will have their own opinion, it’s your day; so you have the ultimate say in choosing dresses or sarees that match your theme and your bridal dress. But a crucial factor to bear in mind is how well their attire is accepted in terms of the cultural setting of the wedding. However those deep necklines and thigh high slits may seem sexy, they may not be appropriate to be worn if the ceremony is to be held on religious grounds. Consider a two-way outfit that can be modest for such places and later can be removed for the reception and party.

Also, remember – the colour of your bridesmaids’ attire sets the colour scheme of your wedding. So it’s important that you pick hues that you love as well as go for something that’s in season while it also suits the overall theme of your wedding.

While you ensure the bridesmaids’ clothes have a touch of your whole theme, it also must complement your total attire – and you don’t want a mismatch in style there. For e.g., it would be an utter disaster for you to be in Kandyan saree and have your maids in dresses! They should also look catchy for the amazing photographs that are sure to create memories in the future. In a nutshell, consider the style of your bridal gown, be mindful of outfit color(s) and skin tones, as well the dress styles and body types of your bridal party.

Best Fabrics and Colour Combos

Be aware of dress color and skin tones. Keep in mind that trending colors such as blush and champagne do not look good on everyone; so considering how each of your ‘maids is going to look and feel in the dress is actually really important. Choose fabrics that drape well and compliment the style of the design.

Traditional pastels are the most popular nowadays. When we say pastel – it’s usually a baby pink dress that pops up in our mind. But wait – it’s more than that now! Hues of neutral pastels are the perfect pick for day time weddings with soft coloured decorations. Baby blue, lilac and lemon yellow or even pale pink may be just your pick. However, remember that these colours do not fit ones with pale skin. For an elegant and bold look, darker shades are here for the win. Chocolate brown, burgundy, navy blue, charcoal grey or even dark green are among the darker shades you may pick. Another among bridesmaids’ favourites are shining metallics – whether it is for simple accessories like metallic shoes and details or even the complete dress – gold, silver, bronze and pink are some of the flattering colours you may consider. Gold and bronze work are best for day time functions while silver is best for monsoon weddings.

Styling & Accessorizing

Styling bridesmaids depend on their individual style and preference. Their face shape and texture of hair have to be taken into consideration as well. Matching the perfect jewellery totally depends on the style of dress and the bride’s preference. Simple and elegant pieces will never go out of style. Statement pieces are also quite trendy for certain outfits. Flowers, too, can be incorporated into the maids’ overall look and they are generally selected according to the overall style or to match the flowers in the bouquet. Rose buds, baby’s breath and smaller types of flowers are generally used.

Choosing the Best Hairstyles

Before you pick on the best hairstyle for your bridesmaids, there are two main factors to be considered. These are:

· Should all the bridesmaids have the same hairstyle?

· Should the bridesmaids’ hairstyles match the bride’s?

However, here are some suggestions that may help you. If your wedding is more formal, a sleek high bun with a crystal hair accessory or slim Alice band would be a perfect style for the bridesmaids. For a semi-formal wedding, a romantic French twist with loose, curly tendrils framing the bridesmaids’ face would work well. For a more casual wedding, try pinning back loose curls into a half up-do and weaving in some fresh flowers to match the bride’s bouquet.

Photographs with your Dream Team

Creating the ultimate bridal retinue can be really tricky, but once this is all sorted the best part is yet to arrive! The photographs of course! On your big day, you want photographs of everything, and that includes the crazy, fun shots with your girls! Shot with your champagne are among the most trending captures nowadays. You could even try the super cool shot of carrying out the modern trend of selfie-taking. No wedding is complete without a selfie so why not let it sneak in to the memories as well? But following the common trend has never been our advice – so why not try to capture some extraordinary shots that portray the unique bond your share among your girls?


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