Let’s Plan a Meaningful Wedding…

It’s fantastic if you want to throw a multimillion wedding! But are you investing in things that are going to make your wedding a meaningful one? Or even memorable to the others? Spending is not the issue here – in keeping up with the Joneses, we all have forgotten that it’s all the details! Remember, something blue, something burrowed? The saying holds a deep meaning we have been missing on when planning the modern luxurious wedding. But worry not! We are here to list some reminiscent elements than can add more than glamour to your wedding details!

Something Borrowed

It’s one instinct that makes a bride opt for everything new on her big day. But what makes your big day more special is when you try to incorporate your sentiments in to it. How you ask? It’s simple. Your mother’s wedding dress may be lying in a corner. Why not alter it to include pieces from it on your new wedding dress, such as the lace or beads? You can also use a piece of lace from your mother’s wedding dress to wrap around your bouquet if using it for your new dress is impossible. Or may be borrow your grandmother’s special piece of jewellery. Other jewellery pieces you may consider borrowing are rings, necklaces and pendants from best friends or even siblings. What more? Borrowing a brooch from a friend or relative is also popular among the brides. These traditions are not only for women, but men too! Cufflinks, tie or even a boutonniere could be borrowed from someone dear to him! And walking in your father’s shoes or better yet her father’s (if size fits) could be such lovely gesture to proclaim to everyone that you will be the man your father is or you will take care of Daddy’s little girl!

Pets are Family too!

Your pet is your family member and there’s no doubt about that! So getting a furry friend involved in a wedding is not only preferred but is an absolute must to many couples. So how best could you get them involved? Lately, ring bearers are not boys but the tradition has evolved to pets carrying the rings! Dress up your little friend to carry the rings to you or even pair him or her with children to ensure the rings don’t go missing! More ways? No worries! Let your pet accompany you down the aisle and this could be a great way to include your pet in your special moment and most certainly pictures. It could be a heartwarming sight – if you don’t have anyone to walk you down! 

You could also make your fluffy buddy a part of your retinue and surely the girls will love it! A four legged in a tux and a pair of cool shades could be fun addition for pictures. A word of caution here; DO NOT get you’re your pet involved if it’s a freaky one like a spider or reptile – you don’t want your guest running for their lives or causing a commotion on your wedding day!


Handmade always has a distinctive touch. This adds your effort, time and also love for your big day. Instead of opting for standard designs when choosing favours and invitations, try doing it yourself, to add uniqueness and extra special character. Place cards, too, can be handmade. Handmade or hand drawn displays are lovely and adorable. In addition to these, make your own welcome bags with some handpicked goodies inside. Whether you purchase readymade bags and fill it with creative things or buy blank canvas bags and decorate them yourself, it would always remain a heartfelt gift to the guests. 

Incorporating things or items that are close to your heart from your courtship days into your wedding décor can add a special feel to your wedding theme. Whatever your wedding theme is be creative as you can and add a touch of your own personality to it. 

A Venue that’s Special for You

The venue plays a huge significance in portraying your entire theme. However, choosing a venue that has a special meaning to you both, will not only be unique to you but the guests too. This may even be the spot where he proposed you or try incorporating little details from the place he proposed you at. For instance, if he proposed to you at a beach, why not have a beach wedding or try having a beach themed wedding? If you must take your reception elsewhere (if constrained by space or some other reason), that’s fine. But you consider exchanging your vows only at a place you met, the first place you went out on a date, different city or country, or the place your parents got married. As you can see possibilities are endless. And surely you’ve seen the extreme options like getting married underwater or in a hot air balloon, which may seem absurd to some, but hey, we are not judging!

Write your Own Vows

This may seem daunting, but it will be worth it when you are up at the altar. Read lots of vow examples for inspiration. Start by reading traditional vows. Incorporate these samples into your words. Agree on format, terms and tone with your fiancé. Do you want them to be humorous or poetic and romantic? Talk with your fiancé to discuss the details. Come up with promises and write it all out. Make sure you avoid clichés. Chop off anything too embarrassing and remember to shorten your vows to one to two minutes maximum. And finally, if you are getting married with religious intervention, run them by your clergymen for approval.


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