Hair Colour Guide Before the Wedding Day

The idea and exhilaration of hair colouring crosses every bride’s mind when the big day is looming on her calendar. Naturally you want to look your best and start thinking about your outfit, hair and makeup. Often a big event is a time when your hair colour gets a refresh, either to update the existing shade or to even try out the new hair colour you’ve been thinking about for a while. While this is all exciting, there are some haircolour issues that can cause havoc, such as your colour turning out wrong or your brand new shade fading before anyone even gets to see it. It must be remembered that you must make sure that you are not allergic to any colour and do a skin test before any colour is applied .  

To avoid such issues, and ensure your colour and hair will look its best on the wedding day, let’s talk to Ramani Fernando to find out the best guideline to avoid such dilemmas…

 Why must you choose to colour your hair?

The reasons for change of hair colour could vary with individual’s choices, but basically it is when one feels a change is necessary. It could be to enhance your look, cover greys, adding highlights, give a boost to dull hair, expressing yourself and also to follow hair fashion trends. A hairstyle always looks great with highlights as with movement the colour will shows well.

 When should you try out a colour?

As I mentioned before it is when you feel change is necessary. But if you are a bride, then at least a month or two before so she can settle into it and also it will give time for any change if necessary.

 Temporary Hair Colour:

If you’re colouring with a temporary hair colour that will only last a few hair washes then colour, do it a few days before the event. The colour chosen should either be the same colour as your current hair colour and used to refresh your look, or a colour that will enhance your look.

 Semi-Permanent Hair Colour:

A semi-permanent hair colour is one that is without Ammonia. Here again a skin test should be done. While I don’t recommend doing hair colour at home, if you have to use a semi permanent colour at home, read instructions in the pack very carefully before you attempt. Semi colour also washes out quickly depending on the colour choice and quality of the hair dye. A salon colour should last well enough for you have your colour done a few weeks before the event and have it settle into a nice shade. If you’re colouring your hair at home then you may want to colour closer to the event and a few days before is recommended since you would want to get used to the colour. Make sure the colour is one you’re comfortable with.

 Permanent Hair Colour:

If you’re using permanent hair colour, then have your hair done either a few weeks beforehand so that it has time to settle and keep it fresh with colour protection hair styling products; or a few days before the event if you want a really freshly coloured look. If you’re colouring right before the event then don’t use this time to branch out with an extreme new hair colour or try to attempt any tricky colour jobs at home, as any hair disasters will need time to be corrected.


When it comes to adding highlights to your look get them done at least two weeks ahead of the event. That way you can get used to your highlights, the ‘just done’ streaky look will fade a little and you’ll also have the chance to add more highlight touches if need be.

 Root Touch-Up:

If your hair colour requires a root touch-up then get this done one week before. I do not recommend that you do root touching up at home before the event. A professional would make sure that only the new growth is coloured, minimizing any long term damage, and at the same time refreshing the old colour on your hair. This will ensure your hair colour is even and looks refreshed all over.

 The Best Colours for the Sri Lankan Skin-tones

Very Fair & Fair: Most colours from blonde to honey shades, copper and the red tones are suitable.

Tan: Honey shades, Brown tones, Red tones

Dark: I would go for honey tones.

Very Dark: Again honey tones are recommended.

However it is always best to have hair colouring done by a professional and to discuss the colour choice with the colourist before deciding on the colour.  There are some broad guidelines that must be considered when choosing a colour, although there are no hard and fast rules. It must be also borne in mind that you must have the personality and also the confidence that you could carry off the colour that you choose.


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