Dress Up your Sweet Table like a Pro

The young, unconventional ladies & lads of today are, with no doubt, ditching the traditional wedding feast. Instead of treating the famished guests only with a three-course meal, the progressive couples at present love to spoil their family and friends with irresistible food and beverage. Gone are the days when we were left drooling over the elegant cake fed to each other by the bride and groom, because now weddings treat us right! If you want to make sure that your introvert friend is present when you tie the knot, just make sure you mention the sweet table, okay? We emphasize on this because these bite-sized treats are the light and life of any occasion and they act as the best motivation for anyone to attend a celebration!

But, hey! Planning out a sweet table takes you on a confusing ride, thanks to the billion inspirations available at your fingertips and your desire to make it over-the-top by incorporating all your ideas. Hassle not! This is an easy task if you know the nitty-gritty of dressing up a sweet table.

So, let us guide you through your planning and help you create an enticing sweet table that is bound to leave your loved ones wrestling with each other to grab more!

The Essentials

First step – Pick the goodies you want to serve. Now, hear us out. This is the trickiest part of putting together your desired sweet corner. Once your go-to expert, aka Google, starts bombarding you with all the endless items you could display on your sweet table, there’s no escape from confusion.

However, we would like to share with you some popular items that would have your guests walking towards it with heart-eyes!

· Cake pops

· Mini cupcakes

· Cake jars

· Cookies

· Doughnuts

· Doughnut holes

· Macaroons

· Hard candy

· Truffles

· Marshmallows

· Personalized chocolate bars

· Sweet tarts and pies

· Mousse cups

· Mini ice-cream cones

· Custard desserts

· Caramel apples

· Fruit punches and mojitos

Delight your beloveds with different flavours and fillings as you do not want to treat them to boring food with the same tastes. Guests may end up disappointed if they fill their plates with one of each item and find out that they all taste the same. You may be a die-hard chocoholic, but it is not a wise idea to serve all the desserts coated in chocolate.

A Feast to the Eyes

The only words we have to tell you are – Keep it simple and stick to your wedding theme! Do not try to mix up themes because that is going to twist the whole vibe of your wedding. Keep in mind that an elegantly decorated sweet table will make it to your wedding album. So, do not try to contrast your sweet table from the overall theme of your occasion. However, use two or three monochromatic colours that work well with your theme. This will help make the sight more attractive and appealing.

If your nuptial is held indoors, we recommend you to have a backdrop with popping, vibrant colours to charm eyes and make heads turn. If you plan to display the spread outdoors and your theme incorporates blooms, discuss with your florist and add extra floral arrangements on the table. If you do not prefer flowers, you can bless your sweet table with draperies and balloons galore! If you have planned to host your wedding feast after nightfall, you can also try to play around with warm fairy lights and candles.

With all these ideas occupying your mind, do not forget to dress the table with a fancy fabric. Be it ruffled, pleated or sequined – Treat that table like a royal! And, oh – Hide those legs.

After all, a magnificently decorated spread is a sweet seduction.

The Small Things Matter

No matter how mouth-watering your sweets may taste, they are not going to be a visual treat for your guests or act as the luscious props for your photographs if they are displayed in the same plastic tubs they came in. That does not mean you should settle for some less glamorous, borrowed trays that do not even complement each other. If you want to make your sweet table one to remember after the taste is long forgotten, then DO NOT compromise on the containers! Not all attractive containers create a dent on the wallet. Play around with height on your wedding sweet table instead of displaying all the yummy treats on flat trays. Use high and low stands that will make your dessert buffet really pop. To go an extra mile, display the doughnuts on a wall and stack the macaroons on a tower. Opt for ombré shades or solid wall colours for a chic look. Have your treats dusted with gold to evoke a sense of opulence and for an added sparkle.

Nevertheless, it is your wedding and not your second-grade birthday party. Make it one to remember by paying attention to the details. Bedeck your precious goodies with pretty packaging. Decorative cupcake wraps and treat bags are available in a huge range of colours and designs to fit all your requirements. Your guests will appreciate knowing what each dessert is. Add labels in matching stationery, handwritten or chalkboard signs as well as calligraphy to describe and name your delicious sweets.

Brighten up your sweet table with props that match your wedding theme. We are not talking merely about colours and flowers. If your theme revolves around rustic accents or gardens, birdcages and wooden planks would fit the décor perfectly. If you are exchanging vows with the sea as your witness, then add some shells and mini beach umbrellas.

Show that you love all your guests equally. Reserve a special slot on the table for vegan goodies for your health-conscious relatives and friends, and ensure you display them differently than the regular treats to avoid any mishaps or confusions.

Finish your celebrations with something extra sweet!


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