LOVI’s Newest Shop at the Iconic Galle Face Hotel is Calling You Home

“Walking into the Galle Face Hotel is an emotional experience,” says LOVI CEO Asanka de Mel. “Growing up, I remember my father believed…actually we all believed…it was the most beautiful place in Colombo.” he said. For 160 years, the hotel, the Grande Dame of the Orient, has stood by the Indian Ocean, a silent witness to the changes in Sri Lanka. As you enter the lobby, you’re greeted by an “Ayubowan,” and immediately you feel the grandeur, the warmth, the embrace of Sri Lanka.
Designed in collaboration with architect Ajantha Ranaweera, LOVI opens its newest shop at this Iconic Galle Face Hotel. Fabric-upholstered teak cabinets next to a mirrored wall, beneath the grand, golden chandeliers, with a LOVI-fruit-red table at the center, this is the perfect setting to showcase LOVI’s latest hand-worked collection, Eden. The clothes and the shop are a projection of Sri Lankan artistry and craftsmanship. “Opening a shop at the Galle Face Hotel has been my dream, and a milestone on the LOVI journey to build a modern Sri Lankan identity,” says Asanka.

This new shop is a tribute to all LOVI fans, the people who believe in Sri Lanka. It’s a place for them to be inspired and to inspire their guests with a luxurious experience, to show the world what Sri Lanka can do. If you are in Colombo for a day, the LOVI shop in the Galle Face Hotel is a must-see.
LOVI Ceylon, based in Colombo, Sri Lanka is an ambitious fashion brand on a mission to define a new Sri Lankan identity. Founded by Asanka de Mel, LOVI clothing is handcrafted by talented Sri Lankan artisans. From elegant weddings and glamorous red-carpet evenings to elevated casual affairs, LOVI offers a diverse range of creations for all ages, genders, any shape or belief, to be worn with confidence, anywhere in the world. The brand takes pride in creating their own fabrics with natural materials like cotton, silk, and wool. These practices ensure exclusivity, minimize environmental impact, and align with a commitment to social-ethical fashion. LOVI exudes elegance, sophistication, and a profound celebration of the island's vibrant spirit. Visit us at


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