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Dhanajaya Bandara is one of the gifted, youthful faces that can be seen in the bridal and beauty industry. He has without a doubt captured many hearts of brides by his sheer taste and understanding of what best suits the bride.

Dhanajaya Bandara showed interest in the art of Bridal dressing at the very young age of ten. Having a mother who was already in the industry, he grew up with her influence. He, even today at the height of his success, considers his mother as a guardian angel who supported his endeavors. He entered the industry even before he completed his Advanced Level examinations. Having self-taught and perfected the art by the time he completed his school career, Dhanajaya Bandara was stable in his field.

Having his mother and God-Father Haris Wijesinghe who he was closely acquainted with as his mentors he has worked his way up to making a day that matters to everyone the most beautiful.

Dhanajaya Bandara is not just a Bridal Dresser he is also a Designer, a Beautician and a Fashion Consultant. For him his profession is not a day to day mundane occupation, it is his life, and what better way to live life other than adding a bit more beauty to the world.

Your wedding day is a magical day, no doubt it is special for you and we know that you have already planned your dream wedding, so, tell us about it. Let us make it perfect with touches of our design. Let us harmonize your wishes with the beauty of your skin tone and loveliness of your face and the elegance of your body. Here at Dhanajaya Bandara’s Bridal Salon we bring out that inner beauty in you.

Dhanajaya Bandara himself will dress the bride as he understands the importance of your day. It is his belief that beauty of the bride comes with every aspect of the bride complementing one another.

Our services include:

Bridal dressing: Let us make you the most beautiful you want to be.

Hair and Make-up: Everything to suit nature’s gifts to you.

Retinue Bridal outfit and dressing: We know you have selected who matters to you, let them add to the beauty.

Going away: Leave in splendor.

Homecoming: Enter your home in elegance.

Fashion Consultancy: If you need our expertise.

Designing: We harmonize your skin tone, Face shape and body shape to a style that best suits you.

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