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Love is a many splendoured thing and what better way to express its elusiveness than through music, which is the purpose of C-Plus, the renowned band who have created a buzz in the wedding circles of Sri Lanka. Their much anticipated first single, ‘Kelle’ which is girl in the vernacular is due to be released in September. Chandumal Fernando who spearheads this energetic and youthful posse elaborated the special significance behind the first song. “Beauty they say, is in the eye of the beholder and when a guy truly loves a girl, the general notions of beauty do not matter as she, irrespective of the physical attributes becomes the most beautiful girl in his world. Our song reflects this amazing quality in those who are in love.”

Having taken the wedding sphere by storm, C-Plus will foray into various forms of entertainment in the near future, with plans to spread their wings overseas in order to serenade the Sri Lankan expatriates with their soulful tunes. ‘Kelle,’ which will be performed by the members of the band is soon to followed by a solo by Chandumal called “Oba Ha Ya Wela.” It is primarily a wedding song which is dedicated to the couples who wish to make a stronger commitment of their love by getting married. Next on C-Plus’s list is a Christmas carol which is scheduled to be released during the first week of December, titled “Ahasin Pini Wetila,” (Dew has fallen from the sky).

C- Plus exemplifies the positive energy which flows from their music into the guests who are drawn to an aura of happiness which will continue as they serenade their growing clientele with their eclectic music ranging from Sinhala and English music from pop, jazz, rock, classical and the ever-popular baila.

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