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Mrs. Risla Madany Muzahir, Founder and CEO at Bride n Home – A journey through make believe.

Specializing in Bridal Bedspreads and home decor providing entire interior packages for brides.  Bride n’ Home is my passion turned profession from 10 years ago, where I started with a couple of bed sheets which I sold with the help of my mother-in-law whom I started off with, under a different name. I sold two of them first, and then kept multiplying into more. During my initial stages, I’d make the spreads, carry them to yearly stalls and sometimes sell a few and sometimes none.


There were days when I’d carry all the shelves and products to stalls, stand under the sun, and none would get sold. In spite of many such failures, I kept moving forward reinventing my products, expanding the product range and introducing new products.


However, my breakthrough came only a little over a year ago, just before the pandemic hit Sri Lanka where I hosted a Bridal Fair with 14 other women entrepreneurs in the Wedding Planning industry . The fair marked the first successful breakthrough in my career, where all those who took part were either completely sold out by the end of the day or had excellent sales and exposure to the field.

Each product at Bride n’ Home is a byproduct of my imagination, and is created by a team of unwavering souls who help me meticulously all throughout the process. It gives me great pleasure to watch my imagination unravel into a physical product which is then whisked off by potential clients. We launch ten new designs of Bridal Spreads quarterly, and provide all the accessories and details to match such as,

•Fur rugs,


•Tissue box,

•Bridal robes/Lingerie,

•Couple products,


•Cushions, Throws, etc.

To name a few of our products thus far.

The idea is to let a bride customize her Bridal Spread and then do up her whole interior to match up.

Another feature here is that we are home based, and mainly market the product through social media and I use my home to showcase all products.

I’m ever so grateful to my husband who’s been a great support of my dreams and my kids (4 of them) who also put up with all the mess made at home and my moods while I work through my orders. which can get hectic sometimes.

My inspiration and role model is my father for his business acumen and I aspire to walk in his footsteps someday.

With the help of god, what I have today is what I dreamt of a year ago and my Aspirations for the future would be to market my products internationally.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enlighten you on my little home business Aka Bride N Home!

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