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About Us

Get to know me through my lens; I have embraced this dynamic art named photography simply because I love capturing the authenticity of life. I like to call myself a wanderer, seeking the mysteries Christ has blessed us with. My goals are to capture the moments that grabs the visual rawness of people, places, and situations.
It is not only the lighting, angles, props that I seek, it’s the story that I am able to tell through every click I make. I believe in inspiring and taking what was once a hobby to greater heights through my passion for traveling, animals, nature and most importantly capturing emotions. I would like to call myself a full-time photographer of the best things life has to offer; the good, the bad and the ugly – at the end of the day it all unravels to something beautiful.
You can take me anywhere, and I would be delighted to make your memories last for many many years!


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