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About Us

With each and every stitch we form, each and every bead we embellish, we blend our love and sincere wishes to the new beginning of your life.

We know about outpouring excitement and millions of dreams you are keeping for your big day. It’s our promise, yours will be a bridal couture we created never to be forgotten.

Our handcrafted fabrics adorned with surface designed textures that are simply blended with lustrous thread layers, bespoken to create one of a kind bridal attire, you dreamt of.

We believe the quality we assured and the unique style we create is our blessing.

Highest quality materials, precisely cut patterns, hardworking hands and creative mind is all we put together in design.

We have been established in 2018 as a small fashion label with very big dreams and growing up to a bridal couturier is a milestone of our long going journey.

We are growing up as a tree. A tree of love and class.


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