Pick Your Wedding Cake Filling!

by Hafsa Killru

Wedding cakes – Are they just a prop for photographs? We think not! We believe a wedding cake needs to taste as good as it looks. After all, your nuptial isn’t complete without the celebratory taste of cake, right? Myriad choices of cakes can be very confusing. Shove aside your worries on picking the best wedding cake filling now. With the help of expert advice from Chef Jerome, Chef Warm and Chef Martinez, we have compiled a list of the most popular wedding cake fillings to rupture your taste buds on your special day!

Chef Jerome’s List:

European Cherry Sand Cake

With its roots intertwined to Germany, this is a moist sponge cake with Morello cherries and almond flakes. It can be layered with white chocolate and cream cheese frosting laced with cherry brandy. It is usually abundantly topped with a tangy, blueberry curd filling. 

Devil’s Food Cake

Lusciously dense and rich, this is the ultimate pick for cocoa fans. Devil’s Food Cake involves teaming up chocolate with Bailey’s Irish cream which is subsequently mixed with mini marshmallows roasted in wood fire for a char grilled and toasted flavour.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Layer Cake

While rainbow sprinkles are smothered with a vanilla burnt butter cream, this tops the list of all cookie cakes. To bring in surprising flavours, chocolate coated pop rock granules are added generously to the mixture. These granules pop once tasted and adds a fun twist to traditional cookie cakes.

Classic French Vanilla Bean Cake 

Rich and buttery, this cake includes jaggery custard infused with fragrant spices to give an added crunch. Sesame and local nut brittle is added in between the layers. The final taste gives a very local persona.

Chef Martinez’s List:

Almond Cake

Possessing a delicate picture-perfect moist crumb, this cake is not only rich in flavour but also light and sweet. Almond can be paired with either chocolate or vanilla. Blending in with dark chocolate, cream and almond paste, this cake would be for the lover of nuts!

Lemon Vanilla Cake

A light vanilla and lemon scented layer cake filled with lemon curd and vanilla bean! - This acts as a suitable choice for the couples who want to keep it light and not involve chocolate. Combining lemon zest and vanilla with condensed milk, this cake is then given a tropical touch with fresh fruits such as mango, strawberry, kiwi, dragon fruit or passion fruit.

Chocolate Havana Cake

Another favourite to take you in to a world of chocolate goodness, the Havana cake’s main ingredient is cocoa. This cake usually consists of a lot of milk and hazelnuts and can be very sweet and salty. Call it a lavish dessert disguised as a wedding cake, this may just be your top choice.

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Watch a decadent pudding turn into a delish cake frosted with light chocolate whipped cream. It effortlessly complements the moist chocolate cake and silky, smooth mousse by not being too sweet or heavy. A brownie bottom would go perfectly well with this!

Black Forest Gateau

Black Forest cake combines dark chocolate sponge layers with black cherry marmalade, kirschwasser, chocolate ganache and traditional whipped cream frosting. With fresh cream, cinnamon powder and lemon juice giving that extra flavourful twist on the taste buds, this cake is sure an exciting choice. 

Chef Warm’s List:

Classic Chocolate Cake 

To the devotees of chocolate, the classic chocolate cake is undisturbed by other flavours and is purely based on cocoa. With the blend of dark chocolate ganache and dark cherry, this cake takes you beyond the seven skies to chocolate heaven. Usually complemented by fruits, cherries or berries, this cake is soaked in sugar syrup mixed with brandy for a lip-smacking experience.

Classic Vanilla Cake

Sandwiching a luscious butterscotch sauce with a simple buttercream mix, a classic vanilla base is achieved in this cake. The sponge is soaked in sugar syrup – no brandy added. To enhance the pure, sweet taste of the celebrated classic flavour, roasted cashew nuts are poured in to the cake. With a butter icing finish, this cake can be complemented with fresh flowers.

Vanilla and Chocolate Cake

Paired with a nougat made with sugar caramel and roasted nuts, this cake involves mixing buttercream with ganache. Each layer of the cake can be made with either of the flavours, one after the other. The colour transition allows the treat to be the perfect pick for a naked cake.

Red Velvet Base

A popular pick among couples, Red Velvet evokes romance and a sense of opulence at a wedding. Blending cream cheese and icing together, this cake can be then covered in fondant icing or be displayed as a red, naked cake adding magic to the romantic setting!