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Our services to the general public (all our viewers):

  • Provide information, pictoral and text, on every field or aspect related to a wedding. Thereby we simplify your wedding planning task by giving contact details of everyone who is anyone in the fields related to bridal and wedding planning.
  • his is a one-stop-shop for all your wedding planning needs. Instead of refering through so many papers, magazines and websites to find all the things you need related to your wedding, you can browse through our website to find all that you are looking for.
  • The online wedding photo gallery is for you to host your wedding pictures absolutely free of charge. So you can get your friends and family to see your wedding pictures fast and easily.
  • We provide advertising for any individual, company, salon or shop that is involved in any field related to weddings and bridals. If your services or products can fit in to a category that we have on our home page, you can advertise with us for a reasonable fee. Click Advertise With Us for more details.
  • Your products and services will be viewed by the entire world. Expand your clientele and take your business to the world! What other better way to promote your worth than the Internet?.

If you have any inquiries regarding our services, email us us for more details.


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