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About Us

The Wedding Ceremony is a cherishable memory in a couple’s history. Costumes, jewelries and decorations make this function more memorable. In a traditional Sinhalese wedding, MUL ANDUMA is one of the main dress code for the Groom and OSARIYA is for the Bride. Ivory colour OSARIYA with 7 necklaces enhance the beauty of the girl who becomes a Bride. These dress codes have become the symbol of ancient customs and traditions. With competition between the traditions and the high fashion, I have been providing my service to Sri Lankans and Europeans for nearly ten years. ABISHEKA MANDAPAYA has been able to cater many traditional weddings in Sri Lanka by providing MUL ANDUMA and other traditional decorations including PORUWA, traditional jewelries, dancers and elephants. Not only for the weddings, we provide our services to all the occasions in private and public sector and also for other functions. 


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